Dreamy Kitty

Dreamy Kitty is a magical kitty who lives in a fantastical dreamland with her magical friends and her kitten sister, Twinkle. She loves playing pretend, dressing up, and granting children good dreams before they go to sleep with her magical dream wand.

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CatBat is a black cat who insists that he is a bat. He wears toy bat wings as he frolics around his Victorian mansion with his little brother Boo. Boo always gets wrapped up in CatBat's shenanigans from gaming to ghost hunting. CatBat is fiesty and spoiled, while Boo is calm and considerate.

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Tobi the Frog

Tobi is a plucky toy frog who was once the beloved companion of a young child. However, one day, the child's family moved to a new house, and in the excitement, Tobi was left behind. Undeterred by this unexpected twist, Tobi decided to embark on an exhilarating quest to reunite with his beloved friend. With a love for trying new things, he set out to learn the art of sailing across the sea. Along the way, Tobi made new friends, tried new experiences, and found an amazing world full of discovery!

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The Strawbunnies are a charming blend of fruit and bunny, growing in a magical garden in the French countryside. These creatures boast fluffy bunny ears, adorable fruit hats, and a penchant for playful frolicking and fun! Coming in a variety of fluffy patterns and cute fruits, they love to adorn cute patisserie!

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Cozie Cub

Cozie Cub is a charismatic bear-ista and owner of a beloved local coffee shop: Cozie Cub Coffee. He's known for his great coffee, impeccable fashion sense, and warm hospitality. He loves spending his days off with his friends trying new recipes and going on dates with his polar bear girlfriend, Honey.

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